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Greening Commodities LTD is a social enterprise that employs an innovative business model in agricultural commodity trading. It aims at mitigating global climate change whilst improving rural communities’ resilience to the adversities of climate change.

The social enterprise reinvests profits into carbon sequestration, carbon abatement, and adaptation initiatives. These include afforestation, reforestation, agroforestry, livelihood diversification, farmer-managed natural regeneration, clean cookstoves promotion, and elimination of wildfires among other natural resource management interventions for enhanced climate action and increased ecological integrity.

Who we do

We seek to eliminate agricultural deforestation and restore lost vegetation through the promotion of regenerative agriculture, agroecology, and zero emission-based agricultural production. It then creates green markets for products from these agricultural systems.

Our Goal

To ensure sustainable development through agricultural commodity trading.

Our Motto

Green Business for Sustainable Development
Why Greening Commodities

Our Assessment

Climate change remains the biggest global challenge today. Impacts are already experienced worldwide with Africa bearing most of the brunt of its adverse effects.

Agriculture, the backbone of several economies in Africa, remains a major driver of deforestation and forest degradation. Since 1980, agricultural expansion has contributed 80% of the world’s deforestation.

Agricultural production has to take a new turn in order to feed an exponentially growing population, nourish livelihoods whilst achieving sustainable development. To this end, the ‘greening commodities’ concept is aimed at achieving sustainable development through an innovative agribusiness model. Greening commodities refer to commodities that are produced and sourced with zero to minimal environmental footprints, then traded and profits used for green initiatives.


According to the World Food Program, 94 percent of consumers are likely to switch to brands that demonstrate a social conscience. Taking a cue from this statistic, Greening Commodities LTD introduces the Green Star label.
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Greening Commodities LTD innovatively disrupts climate change, enhances environmental sanity and improves ecological integrity by divorcing carbon emissions and environmental footprints from agricultural productivity.
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The enterprise uses this business model to ensure sustainable development in the agriculture sector. It ensures the sustainable production of deforestation-free and zero carbon emission agricultural commodities that subscribe to sustainability standards.
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Promoting regenerative agriculture and agro ecology

Greening commodities LTD mobilizes rural farmers and introduces them to regenerative agroecological models for practice and subsequent adoption. ...

Certification of farmlands as green farms

With set criteria, Greening Commodities LTD certifies the farmlands of farmers who adopt agroecology principles. Farmers who successfully ...

Provision of market for green commodities

The social enterprise creates a green market for green-sourced commodities by using a purchase and supply approach. Greening ...

Greening initiatives

Greening commodities LTD reinvests profits into improving ecological integrity and environmental sustainability. This is advanced through various interventions ...

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